President George Bush and Ron Cedillos in los Angeles
President George Bush, Ron Cedillos
Governor Pete Wilson and Ron Cedillos in Governor's office
Governor Pete Wilson, Ron Cedillos
President Ronald Reagan and Ron Cedillos at Ceremony
President Reagan, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos and Vice President Quayle travelling
Ron Cedillos, Vice President Quayle

Roon Cedillos and Governor Wilson with Boy Scouts of America ceremony
Ron Cedillos and Governor Wilson
with Boy Scouts of America

Ron Cedillos with V.P Quayle and State Treasure rMatt Fong
Ron Cedillos, V.P Dan Quayle,
(far right) State Treasurer Matt Fong
Ron Cedillos and CNN Founder Ted Turner and Soviet Union Minister and Charlton Heston
Ted Turner, Soviet Union Minister,
Ron Cedillos, Charlton Heston

Ron Cedillos with President Gerlod Ford at Awards Ceremony
President Gerlod Ford, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos with Hugh O'Brian New York
Hugh O'Brian, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keaing
Governor Frank Keaing, Ron Cedillos
Presidential candidate Bob Dole and Ron Cedillos
U.S Senator Bob Dole, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos receiving award from New Mexico Governor Anaya
Ron Cedillos, NM Governor Anaya
Ron cedillos and President George W. Bush
Ron Cedillos, President Bush
General Norman Sehwarzkopf and Ron Cedillos
General Sehwarzkopf, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
Ron Cedillos,
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
Senator John McCain and Ron Cedillos  at Economic forum
Senator John McCain, Ron Cedillos
Ron Cedillos and Conversman Jack Kemp
Ron Cedillos, Jack Kemp







  • “I can’t thank you enough for your support and commitment. A lot of kids owe you a debt of gratitude. Many, many thanks!”
    Joe Alibrandi
    Chairman & CEO, Whittaker Corporation


  • “Please know you remain in the hearts and minds of our volunteers as they gratefully use the support you helped make possible in bringing relief to the poorest among us.”
    Friends of Volunteers of America


  • “I am pleased to join a grateful community in commending your outstanding record of service.”
    Governor George Deukmejian


  • “Mr. Cedillos, it is a pleasure to congratulate you for lending your talent and influence to developing young leaders who must be prepared to take your place in the future.”
    President Ronald Reagan


  • “No challenge is too big for him. I think through his dedication and his energy he’s able to accomplish a lot of feats others write off as lost causes.”
    Spokesman for the Governor of California


  • “I know firsthand, that your experience, expertise and dedication will be an invaluable asset to the California State University System.”
    President, California State University, Los Angeles


  • “Businessman Ronald Cedillos is on a list of candidates to fill the next open White House cabinet spot.”
    Orange County Register


  • “I’m sure you’ll be gratified to know you have played an important role in making the HOBY Program possible for many, many talented young future leaders of our country.”
    United States Ambassador


  • “I salute Ron Cedillos for his outstanding contributions on behalf of all Californians.”
    Lieutenant  Governor of California


  • “Congratulations on being a volunteer for this most important cause … the American Cancer Society.”
    Fred Hartley
    Chairman & CEO, Unocal


  • “He is a long-term supporter of youth programs. In recognition of his contributions to scouting, the Council and Pepperdine University joined to honor Cedillos by presenting him with an honorary Doctorate of Philanthropy.”
    The Ambassador


  • “Let me congratulate you on making our list of the Hottest 25 individuals in Orange County. Orange County Metropolitan’s Hottest 25 is comprised of individuals whose outstanding contributions to OC’s business, arts, education, political, law and finance communities demonstrate that they are the current –and—future—leaders of Orange County.”
    Orange County Metropolitan


  • “We very much appreciate your support of the Boy Scouts of America programs which benefit thousands of inner-city youth.”
    Boy Scouts of America


  • “I appreciate your personal sacrifices and efforts on behalf of the State.”
    Office of the Governor, State of California


  • “One man on the list [Secretary of Commerce] is Long Beach businessman Ron Cedillos.”
    San Francisco Chronicle


  • “Congratulations on spear-heading up a most important project in the Aerospace industry. You are outstanding, and your great leadership qualities always come through.”
    Suzzane Marx
    Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation


  • “I cannot tell you how much your continued support means to me. I am honored that you continue to share my vision for our great State.”
    Governor Pete Wilson


  • “I am writing to add my congratulations and appreciation for your being chosen by Governor Wilson to serve on a great Board of Trustees, and for your willingness to serve the people of California in this important way.”
    President, California State University, San Marcos


  • “Sources on the West Coast are floating the name of Ron Cedillos, an aerospace businessman as having a good shot at joining the Bush Cabinet.”
    Washington Times


  • “Your insights and leadership has done for the big boys what they did not or could not do for themselves. They should be beholden as should the rest of us for your taking a forceful position for preserving the major industry in this state.”
    J. Hart Lyon, Vice Chairman
    Carter Hawley Hale


  • “He [Cedillos] has been a driving force in stemming the flow of aerospace companies from the state.”
    Press Telegram


  • “The time was right for a Ron Cedillos to step in.”
    Director, B-2 Bomber Program


  • “Thank you very much for all your help with the Vice President. “
    Assistant to the Vice President
    For National Security Affairs


  • “Ron Cedillos has gone from neophyte to someone who is mentioned for the U.S. Cabinet.”
    Los Angeles Times


  • “We are pleased to inform you that the Los Angeles Area Council, in cooperation with the office of the President, Pepperdine University, has awarded you a Doctor of Philanthropy degree in recognition of your leadership in support of Scouting. Recipients include President Gerald R. Ford, Leonard Firestone, Bob Hope and others.”
    Boy Scouts of America


  • “Ron, your personal efforts in supporting the B-2 program are greatly appreciated. Your active involvement is much valued.”
    Chairman of the Board & CEO
    Northrop Corporation


  • “Your efforts on behalf of Aerospace have been well documented and now you can add this effort to the many successes of the past. The leadership is committed to the ongoing effort to save jobs and look forward to working with you in the future.”
    UAW International Union


  • “Cedillos just might be the knight in shining armor the board sends to do battle with big business.”
    Daily Titan
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