Ron Cedillos with president Reagan meeting on philanthropic organizations
Ron Cedillos meeting President Bush on economic policies
Ron Cedillos with Charlton Heston on award night
Ron Cedillos receiving award from Boy Scouts
Ron Cedillos giving speech at Spirit of America tour
Ron Cedillos and Vice President Cheney
Ron Cedillos and austronaut Buzz Aldrin and Governor Wilson




For over two decades, Ron Cedillos has led some of the largest and best known philanthropic organizations in California and the nation, both personally leading the institutional funding of tens of millions of dollars and contributing his own funds for educational programs, inner city youth programs and other social efforts that benefit the young and underprivileged.

Long a believer that contributing funds for philanthropic organizations was not enough, and despite the breadth of his endeavors, he has been personally involved in planning and implementing almost every one of the projects along with leading the fulfillment of their funding needs. 

Through his efforts substantial and lasting assistance has been provided to scores of charities benefiting tens of thousands of those with the greatest need. And his singular dedication in helping to keep deserving programs functioning beyond his tenure, has been regularly recognized not only by the charities themselves and the people they assist -- but by other California and national leaders who know of his work personally and value his commitment to community.

His vision and leadership on philanthropic boards and personal initiatives have produced a lasting record of successful philanthropy in a large number of endeavors, including programs and funding for inner city youth, international youth leadership, not for profit housing for low income seniors, early education, nutrition for economically deprived children, literacy, health care, education, scholarships, mentorships, pre-natal, elderly, emergency shelter, affordable housing for low income families, special at-risk children, as well as free meal distribution and community kitchens to serve the poor and underprivileged among many others.

Notwithstanding his responsibilities serving as the chief executive officer of various public and privately held companies, Mr. Cedillos devoted significant amounts of his schedule every year to various philanthropic organizations and contributed thousands of hours leading these organizations in a variety of roles, most often chairing their boards, designing programs, leading their fundraising efforts and serving on key committees that ensured the funds contributed and raised served their intended purposes.

Mr. Cedillos served as vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Area Council Boy Scouts of America for almost a decade. During this time he helped the Boy Scouts raise millions of dollars to fund programs for some of the most disadvantaged children in California’s most seriously economically challenged communities. In recognition of his long and distinguished service, the Boy Scouts have honored Mr. Cedillos with awards and recognition including their prestigious Silver Beaver Award Awards (the highest award bestowed by the local council Boy Scouts of America), the Scout Oath Tribute and the Distinguished Service to Youth Award and collaborated with Pepperdine University in awarding Mr. Cedillos the prestigious Honorary Doctorate of Philanthropy Degree.

He has also been privileged to have served as Trustee and Chairman of the Board of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation -- an international youth leadership organization with 350,000 alumni, whose mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. For this organization he also co-founded the HOBY Associates, which became an ongoing funding program for HOBY. He has also served as Chairman of the Board of the Volunteers of America – a social service organization helping 30,000 Californians (with special emphasis on children) annually with programs that enable those in need live healthier, safer and more productive lives. Mr. Cedillos was also the co-founder of the Golden Eagles, which provided substantial long term funding for programs to support high at risk inner city youth.

In addition to these and other non profit organizations, Mr. Cedillos has also served as a board member of both the American Cancer Society and of Rotary International. For all the above and his many other charitable activities he has been the recipient of countless service recognition awards and honors. 









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