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Ron Cedillos on Spirit of America tourRonald L. Cedillos has served as president and chief executive officer of various mature, turn-around and start-up companies; these include an aerospace testing firm serving the commercial and military aerospace and defense industries, a national consumer products company, and an after-market chemical company. During his career, he has also served in various executive and consultant capacities with regard to acquisitions and divestitures for major companies, and as interim chief executive officer for turnaround activities of public and privately held corporations.

Mr. Cedillos has advised and served as the principal architect for elected officials, Fortune 500 companies and state government on issues related to strategic planning, business development/expansion and public affairs issues. California’s governor appointed Mr. Cedillos to the Council on California Competitiveness, on which with Council Chairman Peter Uberroth and the other members designed for executive and legislative action, economic growth, capital formation and employment expansion policies for the State of California. Ron Cedillos has also been appointed by the Governor to many other positions, commissions and boards, including Trustee of the California State University System, a delegate representing California at the Border Governors’ Conference, and as a Director of the California Governor's Foundation. Mr. Cedillos currently serves as the Managing Partner of an investment firm, which specializes in acquisitions of medium-sized companies.

After serving as a paratrooper in the United States Army's 82ND Airborne Division specializing in heavy weapons infantry, Mr. Cedillos embarked upon a career as a professional athlete and motion picture actor while attending college. Mr. Cedillos has been a frequent speaker and lecturer at universities, industry associations and public forums. An advocate of responsible legislation, he has advised leading state and federal legislators on policies and regulations affecting business and economic expansion programs.

Mr. Cedillos has been a featured guest on Ted Koppel’s Nightline, and his business and public policy activities have been widely reported in the national media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, and all national network news programs.

Private sector leadership of public affairs is an important issue to Mr. Cedillos. In that capacity, and as appointed by the Governor of California, he has served as Trustee of the California State University system; with a four billion dollar annual budget, 400,000 students and 45,000 faculty and staff, it remains the largest university system in the United States. Mr. Cedillos has served as Vice Chairman of the Los Angeles Area Council Boy Scouts of America, Chairman of the Californians for Aerospace Leadership, the founder of HOBY Associates, a past board member of the American Cancer Society, a member of the Rotary International and California State University Long Beach Board of Governors, and a member of the Pepperdine University Board and Pepperdine University Associates -- in addition to many other community organizations. Additionally, Mr. Cedillos served as Chairman of the Board of the Volunteers of America (a social service organization serving 30,000 Southern Californians annually) and Trustee and past Chairman of the Board of the Hugh O' Brian Youth Foundation (a youth leadership foundation with 350,000 alumni). A strong believer in “working” for philanthropic organizations, Mr. Cedillos has served as chairman of long range planning, executive, nominating, audit, finance, national delegate, personnel and policy committees.

Mr. Cedillos has been honored as a recipient of two honorary degrees; including an Honorary Doctorate of Philanthropy Degree. A few of the awards he has received are the Good Scout and Silver Beaver Awards (the highest award bestowed by the local council Boy Scouts of America), the Humanitarian Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council, Top Gun and Meritorious Service Awards from the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation, and the Linchpin of Freedom Award and a Congressional Salute from the 101st Congress of the United States. Mr. Cedillos has also received commendations and/or proclamations from the President of the United States, the Governor of California, the Governor of New Mexico, a United States Senator, the Lieutenant Governor of California, the California State Senate, the California State Assembly, and various county and city municipalities.

























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