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Ron Cedillos is an accomplished business leader with decades of success as chief executive officer of companies across a spectrum of industries. He is also recognized for his excellence in advising California’s governor and other state and federal elected officials and the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies on strategic planning, business development and public affairs issues. Mr. Cedillos currently serves as the Managing Partner of an investment firm that specializes in acquisitions of medium-sized companies.

Mr. Cedillos is equally known as a passionate supporter of education and as a noted philanthropist. Among other positions he has held in academia, he served as Trustee of the largest university system in the United States and as chairman of some of the largest philanthropic organizations in California. In those roles, he has raised and contributed his own funds totaling millions of dollars benefiting tens of thousands of the most underprivileged in California.


"You display in the very best sense a working example of what private sector initiative programs are all about."
President Ronald Reagan


“The White House could score points by naming businessman Ron Cedillos
[U.S. Secretary of Commerce].”
Wall Street Journal


“Ron – a man of great integrity, political courage and backbone”
California State Treasurer, Matt Fong

“You have been with me in this important quest, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”
George H. W. Bush

“You do great work”
Vice President Dan Quayle

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